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About us

WebBeds is the fastest growing B2B player globally and the recent acquisitions of JacTravel and DOTW have cemented our place as the Number 2 B2B accommodation provider worldwide.

We continue to build on that position, consistently reporting significant growth across all regions and in each geographical area, outgrowing the market.

Since WebBeds was launched in 2013, we have built a significant global B2B distribution network with staff in 30 countries selling to over 170 destination countries and through a portfolio of clients in more than 130 source markets worldwide.

Our platforms, products and brands, (comprising JacTravel, Sunhotels, Lots of Hotels, Totalstay, FIT Ruums, DOTW and UmrahHolidays International) all operate under the broader WebBeds umbrella. Our partners all have one, single dedicated point of contact focused on ensuring we deliver value, choice, expertise and an unrivalled level of service. As the fastest growing B2B player in the world, the network effect continues to deliver enormous benefits, increasing our relevance to both hotel supply sources as well as travel industry clients. For a company formed in 2013, we’re very proud of our story so far.

350,000+ hotels

12,000 destinations

1 booking
every 14 seconds

50 offices

1,800 staff worldwide

Connections with 25
hotel chains

30,000+ directly
contracted hotels

60 third
party suppliers


We pride ourselves on being
a truly global business

We don’t try and run our company from one remote location. Instead, our network of 50 regional offices along with a team of experienced travel professionals on the ground provides us with a unique understanding and relationship with each market where we operate.

It all starts with the team. Our buyers source great hotels, deals and availabilty for our sales team to distribute via a truly global distribution network and all of this is supported by some of the best Tech, Ops, Marketing and Content professionals in the business.

People & Places
Hotels & Product
Global Reach
Distribution Network
  • People & Places
    Our global network of regional offices and our team of local representatives enables us to offer knowledgeable and real-time support to thousands of supply and distribution partners around the world.
  • Hotels & Product
    WebBeds has a truly global product offering with over 300,000+ hotels in 12,000 destinations.

    As of March 2019, we have an ever-growing portfolio of 28,500 directly contracted hotels, partnerships with 25 of the leading international hotel chains, integrations with 60 third party wholesale providers plus thousands of ground services. For more detailed information about our product and inventory, please don’t hesitate to speak to a member of the team.
  • Global Reach
    Since January 2018, WebBeds has been structured around regions rather than brands in order to bring a greater customer-centric focus and ensure we are best placed to tap into global growth opportunities. Operating in 3 key regions:
    • Europe
    • Asia Pacific
    • The Americas, Middle East and Africa (AMEA)
  • Distribution Network
    We distribute our product via a global distribution network of over 20,000 travel companies across 130+ different source markets worldwide. Visit our “Hotels” page to find out more about distributing your hotel product via WebBeds.

Our History

Formed in 2013, we’ve come a long way in a short period of time. But despite enjoying the energy, growth and mentality of a start-up, we actually have well over 40 years’ experience in providing travel services to the trade.

Take a look through our timeline to see some of our most significant milestones as we have moved from humble beginnings to become a real pioneer in the travel industry and the fastest-growing and second largest player in the market-place.