WebBeds’ global clients able to offer travellers app to reclaim VAT in France.

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July 18, 2022

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WebBeds, the world’s fastest-growing B2B travel intermediary, providing accommodation and ground product distribution services to the travel industry, has entered into an innovative partnership with SkipTax, a mobile app providing shoppers with a seamless way to reclaim VAT on purchases made in France.


WebBeds clients around the world – including tour operators and retail travel agents – are able to provide SkipTax as a benefit to their travellers who reside outside of the EU. The service is quick and easy for travellers to use – they simply use a unique identifier number to log-in to the SkipTax app when making a purchase. Receipts for qualifying purchases are uploaded by the traveller and the VAT for each purchase will be processed and reclaimed seamlessly.

WebBeds clients also benefit by earning an incentive on qualifying claims their travellers make in France using SkipTax for a period of up to five years.

SkipTax are the first licensed digital VAT Refund Operator in France. Raphael Salama, Co-Founder of SkipTax said, “We are excited to be partnering with WebBeds on this initiative. With our custom-built technology, seamless user experience for travellers and global WebBeds client base, it means the potential for this partnership is immense for all parties.”

Anders Kjong, President – Europe, said “WebBeds is always looking for new opportunities to innovate and add value to our client partners. The agreement with SkipTax offers our customers a quick and simple way to pass on that value to their travellers while earning a healthy incentive. The team at SkipTax were specifically interested in partnering with WebBeds due to the size of our global distribution network and our strength in the French inbound market. SkipTax’s ease of use and their optimised technology solution makes them a perfect partner for WebBeds.”


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